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Online Lessons  

Benefits of Online Lessons

  • Convenience of not travelling through traffic to get to the lesson

  • Remote area students have access to piano lessons

  • Less likely to catch viruses such as Covid, colds or flu from other students using the studio

  • Student can stay home and not give viruses to the teacher!

  • Convenience of learning in your own home on your own piano

  • Greater scheduling opportunites

  • Wonderful addition to home-schooling

Drawbacks of Online Lessons

  • Not as suitable for young children who require physical guidance 

  • Requires a strong internet connection

Student Set-up

  • Piano

  • Device (preferably not a smart phone) eg tablet/iPad/Surface Pro/desktop computer or laptop next to piano

  • High-speed internet - Check speed of internet with speedtest.net

  • Software app – preferably Zoom or facebook Messenger (Google Duo, Google Hangouts or Skype may also be possible)

  • Camera and microphone (may be built into device or separate webcam)

  • Stool or small table next to piano

  • Tablet clamp if using iPad, tablet or Surface Pro

  • Music Materials/Music Books/Pencil

The teacher will send an email invitation to commence each lesson. In the event of a disconnection, the teacher will reestablish the call. It is best if the student's camera is focused on the student's face and hands, covering as much of the keyboard as possible. The teacher will take notes during the lesson for practice during the following week and send these to the student at the conclusion of the lesson.