Piano Lessons  

  Introduction Program    

Parents are invited to attend the first lesson together with the student. At this lesson, the teacher can assess if the student is ready for lessons, and the parents and student can see if they enjoy working with the teacher. The student may discuss their musical interests and what they hope to achieve during the lessons. Following the introductory session, parents can decide if they wish for their son or daughter to proceed with lessons.

Term Dates

Picture taken by Shannon Trottman

Lessons will follow similar dates to the Victorian Department of Education School Terms for each calendar year. This is usually 10 weeks for each of the 4 terms. Fees are set for each term, payable in advance at the start of the term. Fees not paid by the end of the first week of term may result in the student losing their preferred time and day to another student and will incur a late fee.

Recitals and Exams

Students may like to prepare for AMEB exams when they are ready to do so. The AMEB now offers a variety of different exam options - Comprehensive (Collaborative or Solo), Repertoire, Video Repertoire, Piano for Leisure and Rock School. Alternatively some students may be preparing for the practical component of VCE Music Performance or Music Investigation. Whilst recitals and exams are encouraged, they are not compulsory. This studio encourages students to take part in non-competitive music festivals. Other teachers may be a better alternative if Eisteddfods and competitions are important to you and your son/daughter.

  Individual Program

Each student learns differently and so piano programs are tailored to suit each individual. Students may have preferences for certain styles of music that they wish to play. Please phone or email to discuss the musical requirements of you or your child. The length of the lesson is usually selected according to the age and musical level of each student.

Young beginner students: 5-6 years old:  20 minute weekly lesson

Beginner students: 7 years and over (equivalent of AMEB Prelim- Grade 3): 30 minute weekly lesson

Intermediate students: (equivalent of AMEB Grade 4-6): 45 minute weekly lesson

Advanced students: (equivalent of AMEB Grades 7-8): 60 minute weekly lesson